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AADK Spain

AADK (Aktuelle Achitektur Der Kultur), is an artistic network, founded in 2006, with members from Lisbon (Portugal), Berlin (Germany), and Murcia (Spain). In 2012, one of the founders, Abraham Hurtado created AADK Spain, an international artistic platform, based in Blanca, Murcia, to develop projects of research and contemporary art creation.
The headquarter of AADK Spain is Centro Negra - a space where it implements different programmes focused on process and experimentation such as the Residency Program, Interventions, Contemporary Practices, or AADK Sonora. The main interest across all the programs is to explore the notions of body, spatiality and territory.AADK Spain also work in close collaboration with other artistic and cultural spaces in Murcia region, Spain and other parts of Europe. The networks allow us to promote the mobility and exchange for our visiting artists and their works produced at national and international levels.