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Ionian Center for the Arts and Culture

The Ionion Center is Educational and Cultural Organisation operating in Global environment in the fields of Higher Education, Arts, Sciences and Research. Education is the key factor, which attracts and attends the high standard creative and academic requirements of Artists, Scientists, Researchers, Universities, Institutions and Organizations from all over the Globe.
The Center is located in the village Metaxata of Livathos, island Kefalonia, Greece. The Greek island Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea, middle of the Mediterranean, is a geographical cross point of high significance for the financial and cultural communication between East and West, an area with considerable meaning through the ages for the understanding and advancement of the Greek, European and Global Civilization.
Direct air flights from May 1st- to October 30th are directly connecting the island with the European, Mediterranean and Arab countries. Direct sea lines from/to Italy , Bari , Angona & Venice, make the Center accessible to the interested Institutions, Educators and Artists, helping the consolidation of an Institution with considerable contribution in the Contemporary world of Arts, Sciences and Research.