Universit?t BW M?nchen Institut f?r Raumfahrtechnik (ISTA)





    Diplomand(Praktikant)/-in GPS Signal Simulation


    Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signal simulator is a crucial tool for designing and testing the performance of GPS, Galileo and other GNSS receivers. But before full deployment the performance of the simulator must be thoroughly verified.

    The aim of the thesis is to verify the institute?s own GPS and Galileo software signal simulator SigSimSoft. The verification will be done on all stages: analog and digital IF, baseband signals, signal processing measurements, demodulated navigation messages and position solutions. The work will be done in tight collaboration with other team members working on activities concerning the simulator.

    The signal simulator SigSimSoft is a software tool written in C that generates IF signal samples. A dedicated receiver is available at the institute that can directly process the data and will serve as the most important tool for verification of the simulator. Fully equipped laboratory of the institute will facilitate the conversion to analog signals and execution of required measurements. Parallel to this activity a design and code enhancement of the software will take place and tight collaboration within the team will be necessary.

    The target of the thesis is to perform comprehensive verification of the simulator. This task includes:
    ? Literature study for the topic of simulator verification
    ? Definition of the verification plan
    ? Implementation of the code for the individual tasks in the verification plan in Matlab
    ? Execution of the verification tasks
    ? Assessment of the results
    ? Elaboration of plan of further development in collaboration with the team


    ? Studies of telecommunications or electrical engineering.
    ? Very good knowledge in physics of signals and electromagnetic waves.
    ? Basic knowledge of GNSS/GPS principles
    ? Knowledge of C/Cpp and Matlab.
    ? Fluent English in speech and writing.
    ? Team and communication skills.
    ? Individual initiative.


    6 months




    85577 Neubiberg



Universit?t BW M?nchen Institut f?r Raumfahrtechnik (ISTA)
85577 Neubiberg

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